Introducing Daisy's World!


Tailored to preschool children in the Turkish education system, the Daisy’s World System is an ELT game changer.

The backbone of the Daisy’s World system is composed of 30 story books. These books are supported by a two part activity book series with 120+ activities and fleshed out with over 200 lessons ideas presented in an organized weekly format.

Our team has been in the sector for years. We know that just teaching English is not enough. This is why we believe in the adage “two birds with one stone”. Not only do we aim to teach English, but also to impart children with the age appropriate (60-72 months) objectives set out by the Turkish Ministry of Education (MEB). But why stop with two birds? We also aim to instill children with core values, aid teachers in classroom management, help parents continue the learning at home, incorporate STEM, music and art; and, on top of everything — be fun!