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Daisy's World

Designed for preschool children in the Turkish education system, Daisy's World is a game changer! Take a look at the titles of Semester-1 of our Daisy's World system.

Activity Book-1

Designed to aid in the learning process Activity Book-1 follows the framework established by story books 1-15.

Daisy's First Day at School

Daisy isn't scored of anything.Then, it is time for Daisy to go to school for the first time, and Daisy is scored.But is school really as bad as she thinks?

Mr. Stokes the Stork Custodian

Daisy and her friends make a mess of their school! Their poor custodian. Mr. Stokes the Stork, has to spend more time cleaning up the school. This means he has less time to take care of himself. When Daisy realize what is going on, she fells bad and decides to surprise Mr. Stokes with the help of her friends. This is a story of empathy, and it shows that keeping things clean respects and protects the rights of others!

Ryan the Rhino Has a Bad Day

Ryan is having a bad day.Everything makes him angry. Nothing is going his way. Nobody does what he wants. Ryan's anger boils over, and he gets himself into a bad situation.

Katy the Kangroo and the Overflowing Pounch

Katy the Kangroo loves to jump! But, one day, Katy carries too much stuff in her pouch, and she is too heavy to jump! So, she misses out an all the fun her friends are having. How can Katy solve this problem?

Kaan the Kangal Joins the Class

There is a new student at school! His name is Kaan the Kangal Dog. Kann isn't happy though, and never smiles. He misses living in Turkey. Daisy decides to bring Turkey to the school and to make Kaan smile.

Daisy Listens to Her Teacher

Today, Daisy and the class are aking volcanes in science class! How exciting! But no one in the class listens to Mr. Cowell, no one except Daisy. What happens when you don't listen?

Daisy's Toys

Daisy has a little brother, Dorren. She loves him very much, and he loves her. But sometimes, Dorren accidently breaks her toys and leaves her room a mess. What should Daisy do?

The Day Brian the Lion Grew Up

Brian the lion hates being a kid. He decides it is time he grows up, but how? And, is it worth it?

Who was Atatürk?

There is a picture of a strange man on Kaan's living room wall. When Kaan sets out to find out about him, he is in for quite a surprise.

Mania in Music Class

There is mania Daisy's music class! Nobody is listening to each other, or to Mrs. Bach the music teacher. How will that affect their preformance? What happens if they work together as a team?

Robert the Rabbit Goes to See the Dentist

Robert the Rabbit loves sweets, but he hates brushin his teeth. Lots of sugar and no brushing are not good for his teeth. Will he learn from the consequences?

Maggie the Mouse Learns to Mind Her Manners

Maggie the Mouse loves her friends, and they love her too. But Maggie's friends stop wanting to play with her, and Maggies doesn't know why. When she discovers the reason, will she be willing to make a change?

The First Snowfall of Winter

Penny loves winter, but she hates wearing her winter clothes. Penny goes to play in the park without her winter clothes. What do you think will happen?

Robert the Rabbit Finds His Silver Lining

Robert hates his lop ears. They are always in his way! His mom and dad don't have lop ears, but his grandfather does. What advice does Robert's grandfather give him about his ears and life?

Snowed in with Cindy, the Seal Scientist

Daisy and her family are caught in a snow storm. They decide to stop at Cindy the Seal's house to stay safe. Cindy is a scientist. What adventures will Daisy have in her amazing house?