Extra Resources

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Daisy's World Audio

Daisy's First Day at School

Mr. Stokes the Stork Custodian

Ryan the Rhino Has a Bad Day

Katy the Kangaroo and the Overflowing Pouch

Kaan the Kangal Joins the Class

Daisy Listens to Her Teacher

Daisy's Toys

The Day Brian the Lion Grew Up

Who was Atatürk ?

Mania in Music Class

Robert the Rabbit Goes to See the Dentist

Maggie the Mouse Learns to Mind Her Manners

The First Snowfall of Winter

Robert the Rabbit Finds His Silver Lining

Snowed in with Cindy, the Seal Scientist

Daisy the Thief

The Snow Day

Sunshine Saves the School

Danny The Donkey Gets Sick

Finders Keepers

Into The Forest

Daisy Doesn't Do Her Part

Misty The Explorer

Children's Day in Istanbul

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Ginny The Giraffe Stays Safe

Danny The Donkey is Late for School

Penny The Penguin Finds Her Sport

The Worst Day Ever

School's out for Summer