About Us

Enter Education Kids is a joint project undertaken by Gazi Kitabevi and Enter Education with the goal of producing high quality resources for teaching English to children in the Turkish education system. Our team has been in the sector for years. When it comes to teaching, there are never enough hours in the day. We know that just teaching English is not enough. This is why we believe in the adage “two birds with one stone”. Not only do we aim to teach English, but also to impart children with the age appropriate objectives set out by the Turkish Ministry of Education. But why stop with two birds?

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We aim for the following:

to instill children with core values;
to aid teachers in classroom management and in lesson planning by incorporating STEM, art, drama,
music, cooking, physical activity and exposure to the outdoors into our English lessons;
to help parents continue the learning at home;
and, on top of everything — to be fun!

Our current goal as a brand has been to develop products that are tailored to the needs of preschool-aged children, specifically those aged between 60-72 months. Our first system, Daisy’s World, has just been released! Plans for expanding our scope to the 36-48 and 48-60 month age groups are in place.

Our philosophy is that one of the easiest ways for a preschool aged child to learn anything is through a story. Therefore, the backbone of our system is composed of 30 story books. These books are scheduled throughout the year and are supported by two activity books. The curriculum is fleshed out with 200+ lessons organized according to an annual plan in weekly schedules and presented via short videos here on our website.

That being said, we understand that each and every school and teacher has their own way of doing things —we’ve been in your shoes!
Which is why, the Daisy’s World system is flexible. Pick and choose which lessons you need.

Finally, as an added benefit, all our products directly support the local Turkish economy.
They are written and edited by native ELT teachers and voiced by professional voice artists who live and work in Turkey.
They are illustrated by Turkish artists, checked by multiple local child psychologists and printed right here
in Ankara, Turkey.